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ANFP elections already dated: Pablo Milado and Lorenzo Antilo battle to lead Chilean football



The election of the new Chilean football helmsman will be confirmed at the ANFP office on Tuesday 8 November at 12:00 pm.

one month before the new election ANFP To select new leadership, two candidates be presented as a candidate to stay in the organization of The governing body of national football.

In the corner is the current president, Paul Milado , will be re-elected at the head of the institution.According to information from sporting Viñamarino will launch its candidacy during the day and continue for another period.

you formalize your application Fellowship meal at the United Syria Club behind presidential council It is set to 4:00 PM today.until now they 24 clubs confirmed attendance for the dinner.

the sidewalk on the other side Lorenzo Antilo will face their aspirations on another occasion Milad that he fights side by side to be the winner of this bid To take command of the ANFP.

in a statement to the media Third former director Odax Italian He pointed out: I have a club base that shows commitment and lives up to what I’ve always said. If the club asks me, I am happy to run. Basically, you run for president to create change. ”

“Today I think the club as a whole needs to take a position. I’m not saying we need consensus. Because it is very difficult. There can’t be a club that doesn’t have a position or a definition of what they want.” he indicated.

Finally, he commented that his possible assignment would be to try to put an end to the problems evident in national football today. “Do you want things to continue as they are, or do you want the industry to come out of its bad times?” Finished.

election day

In a circular sent by the secretary general of the association, Sandra Kemp to inform you of the date and time of the new election.

This document states, “According to the agreed contents, September 27, 2022 Board of Directors Meeting I will report again on the details of the election. Association roster will be confirmed at the ANFP office on November 8, 2022 at 12:00pm. ”

“The list presented 6 presidential candidates and director candidates of our association, It must include at least two representatives of the First B Club, as per the provisions of Article 24 of the Rules, letter a.”

Finally, “One time process Registration of listings, directories verify compliance with statutory requirements , in accordance with Article 24, literal c.Today’s recommendation It will take place in person at the ANFP office on November 8th at 12:00pm. ”

Source: Biobiochile

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