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Pellegrini enlivens Roma duel with message to Mourinho: ‘The steps he took were the ones I took 10 years ago’



The match between Manuel Pellegrini’s Real Betis and Jose Mourinho’s Roma is scheduled for Thursday 6 October at 4pm at the Olympic Stadium.

A rivalry that has dragged on for years is what they star in Manuel Pellegrini and Jose Mourinho see each other again, this time with Chile’s DT at the helm Real Betis and Portuguese director Rome in a valid match Group C of the Europa League.

As is known, the relationship between the two is highly controversial, especially after the engineer left Pellegrini of real madrida photo of him arriving later “Already” and throw the first stone.

at that moment, ‘something special’ sent a sour comment to the national coach, claiming that “The difference with Pellegrini is that if Madrid kick me out, I won’t be going to Malaga. I’m not going to Malaga, I’m going to a big club in England or Italy.”

After this, there were several clashes between the two. league like Premier League brings back some memorable moments in a special relationship between two people.

Now you’ll see your face again in the duel of the day Thursday 6th October at the Olympic Stadium or of Rome And in the previous one, DT Real Betis did not hold back when speaking of his foes and rivals, when he touched his ears with a phrase he replied almost a decade later.

in conversation with the media La Gazzetta dello Sport in an earlier commitment, Manuel Pellegrini said: “Mourinho is a manager who has had an illustrious career and made a mature choice to go to Roma. I remember going to Málaga after training at Real Madrid.”

“Then he said he never coached a team like Malaga. A phrase that went viral, as they say today. Proud to have been to Málaga, Because I live from the challenge and it was a new project. ” he indicated.

He also compares the two races and comments: he was soccer elite And now he’s also up to the challenge of taking Roma to the Champions League and winning the Conference League. ”

Finally, he concluded with a sentence in response to what Mourinho said when he arrived at the presidency ten years later. Real Madrid after the departure of Manuel Pellegrini.

In this regard, a Chilean strategist explained: But every last big club he’s been in, he’s had conflicting exits. That is why, in my opinion, the choice of Rome is a big step of maturity. These are the steps I took before going to Málaga 10 years ago. ”

“Now Roma have a great coach who can make quality leaps.” hills.

This is how you expect the game High strength on both pitches like the benches of the Italian Colossus. The duel is scheduled for Thursday, October 6th at 4pm.

Source: Biobiochile

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