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Robert Tober Drastically Reports Corocoro vs. UC Duel



Roberto Toval, the referee for the match between ColoColo and Universidad Católica, provided background information on commitments that can be used to determine future ability at national championships.

Duel that is not stop making news It was yesterday’s engagement Korokoro world catholic university ended in a draw on the scoreboard monument stadium.

Anticipating a duel rather than planning a duel date 26 the day will be controversial Sunday 2nd October had to be rescheduled due to incidents and drops Construction and advertising inside the ‘Cacique’ enclosure behind sermon swollen frame ‘popular’ Friday.

After that, the schedule for the day was decided. Tuesday, October 4th the cast of Gustavo Quinteros world Ariel Horan They tied the score in a hard-fought encounter.

Everyone thought this controversial match ended there, but compromise judge revealing certain irregularities Cause of further sanctions against the Chilean cast.

litigation arbitrator, Robert Tovar wrote a lapidary report, “At the entrance of both teams, Flares and fire extinguishers in the Arica sector of the stadium. At minute 90+1, A lightning bolt flew into the air from the Magallanes area of ​​the stadium.”

Things to remember Korokoro play against United Clicquot The next day, the duel between the two was close, so they cannot be sanctioned, but it capacity it is allowed in the following duels Both casts attended Monumental Stadium yesterday.

Source: Biobiochile

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