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Sifupu who fights the violence in the stadium with all his might “I can’t play like this”



Led by Gamadiel Garcia, EL Sifup reveals that if violence continues at stadiums, they will take action on the issue and if this situation continues, one of them will not play next season.

a situation Replicated all over Japan , is the violence in the stadium. One of the recent events was college classic Come in U world UCin the second leg of the Copachiri quarter-final with the blue goalkeeper, Martín Parra was hit by a lightning bomb.

That, in addition to previously proven facts, national football , Violence dominates the country’s courts and that this is not reversed unfortunate situation.

for that reason, shiftled by Gamadiel Garcia ,visited House Sports Committee for express concern about the risks professional footballers currently suffer by the uncontrolled violence experienced in stadiums.

in a conversation with third sport a former player said: captain and representative Especially on these subjects. Moreover, since we are only touring Chile visiting most of the campuses, Clarify what is happening and how it must be addressed. ”

Additionally, from the Union, they indicate that they are an association headed by Paul Milado did not create regulation For the National Club to Watch Security inside the stadium like the players who see the action every week at a sports venue.

In this regard, Yuan Qing expressed as follows. “We are concerned, especially if there are no exemplary sanctions in regulation. There is an attack here and nothing essential happens. Only fines or ridiculous punishments. It creates a lot of uncertainty. ”

“plan safe stadium It was born as a plan to improve technology, register bars, install turnstiles, etc., but it came to nothing because no one wanted to invest money. SA They haven’t invested in facial recognition cameras. The will remains until the investment is needed. ” he indicated.

They have not ruled out taking action on this issue.

This was not all said by Gamadiel Garcia because he didn’t rule it out either Sifup I analyzed the issue and took action. Put pressure on new decisions.

Here’s why the former athlete explained. “Guarantees and norms must remain at the foundation of the tournament and its rules. If this continues, the result will be You can’t play next season. We guarantee. Enough”.

Not only does he leave the job, ANFPbut also emphasizes the importance of the club itself in this matter.

“By law, The person in charge is the one who organizes the show (in and out of the enclosure) and also from pure labor, Employers must strive to protect the health and integrity of their workers. It’s not fulfilled, and there’s no way forward if we start there,” he said.

Finally, Garcia talked about some requests Chilean cast for me to come back Carabinieri Something for the president at a sporting event Sifupu, You seem to be right about this topic.

On this point he emphasized: “Coordination with the carabinero must always be there and that is the starting point for any discussion. Football and country are always related, so we need more pressure on both sides. ”

“We hear every day that there is no one. can enter the football business, because they are private. It seems counterproductive and rather silly. Again, whoever hosts the show, take security measures What is necessary for the proper development of the event. If he doesn’t, sanctions will have to be toughened, but today there are no penalties. that will change. ” finished.

Source: Biobiochile

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