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Good news for La U: Goalkeeper Martín Parra released from hospital, back to training with Blues



University of Chile goalkeeper Martín Parra has been sacked and allowed to return to training with his blue teammates. However, it should always be evaluated so that sequels can be ruled out and adjusted by Sebastián Miranda in La U’s arc.

In the quarter-final second leg duel chili cup Come in University of Chile world catholic universityone of the last violent incidents inside the stadium was recorded.

young shooter U , Martin Parr attacked by a, a rumble bomb He fell several meters from him and had to be carried on a stretcher. Do not stand listening. Dramatic scenes are reproduced all over the country, Safety inside sports venues.

About a week has passed since the incident, and now, blue goalkeeper already discharged after performing latest hearing test Above Los Andes University Clinic.

This was reported by the blue team who reported the team’s situation in a statement HuachipatoIn writing it was stated that: “The results showed that it evolved well, with only minor improvements.”

“He has been adjudicated for a gradual return to training and his full return to sport will be subject to professional daily assessment.” they showed.

good news for him blues player and squad, person who was wary condition Young national goalkeeper.now you have to go back to practice with ball should be evaluated daily by Medical institution That’s whyEbastian Miranda readjust on creole contest.

As far as the duel is concerned, the date on which it will take place has not yet been defined. Schedule change That much commitment play up to 5 minutes there is still the first half 85 minutes left.

Also, in the minutes played, Ariel Holan’s team first goal on scoreboard which evened things out globally Crusaders and Blues.

Source: Biobiochile

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