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At least one dead leaves pitched during soccer match in Argentina



A 57-year-old man lost his balance in the stands of Argentina’s Bosque Stadium, and everything was thrown into chaos in a fierce fight between fans and police. There were stories of thousands of oversold tickets, and many struggled to get in with the stands already packed.

A 57-year-old man died Thursday night in the Argentinean city of La Plata after suffering a heart attack during an incident between fans. Police registered at El Bosque Stadium during a match between Boca Juniors and Gimnasia.

A very serious incident ended with 100 people injured, affected by rubber bullets, and tear gas fired by police who tried to stop the flow of fans trying to enter with the stands already full. rice field. A gymnastics fan identified as César Legueiro, 57, died after suffering a heart attack amidst the chaos, state security minister Sergio Berni said. profile.

Regheiro, who was a city employee and a famous fan of Lobo, was left in the middle of the incident and started feeling sick in the middle of the stadium trying to enter with thousands of other fans. To escape a stand where breathing is almost impossible under the influence of gas.

Legueiro was taken by ambulance and taken to San Martín Hospital, but when the cell phone arrived at the hospital, doctors could only confirm Gimnasia Juan’s death.

This situation turned the forest scandal into a judicial issue, with accusations pointing to the leader of Gymnasia, with talk of ticket overselling, To take advantage of the arrival of Boca Juniors, they would have prepared sales locations beyond those permitted.

That situation caused thousands of people who arrived with tickets to find the doors shut and police to suppress them with rubber bullets and tear gas.in front of that picture The situation led to a pitched battle, and the repression turned everything into a postcard of madness and violence.

police crackdown

As the gas began to flood the stands, thousands of fans in the stands were “trapped” as they were unable to leave the field due to the violence outside. A little further down the stand they got caught in a wire, risking their lives, and there was a woman and a child. So the field ended up with thousands of people trying to breathe air, severely affected by tear gas.

The brutal actions of the Buenos Aires police are also under judicial scrutiny, leaving dozens of people with rubber bullets and Among them is the channel’s cameraman Tournaments and Competitions (TyC).

La Plata’s leaders, led by President Gabriel Pellegrino, were also insulted at the stadium by the many fans who accused them of what had happened by selling more tickets than the Lobo Field was able to accommodate. it was done.

Source: Biobiochile

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