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‘A huge and wonderful savior’: Spanish press ‘enthusiasm’ over Bravo’s spectacular Europa League game


Claudio Bravo added a wave of accolades to his Real Betis star’s presentation at Rome’s Olympic Stadium as Manuel Pellegrini’s side from Chile reached the top of Group C in the Europa League.

in yesterday’s session european league, lived in one of the most interesting match of the day, For all the seasonings that had a duel starring in Real Betis and the Romewhere the figure of the night was the goalkeeper of the country Claudius Bravo.

Chile’s goalkeeper conspicuous roman afternoon, local cast his team 3 points essential to go to Round of 16 international competition.

with a decisive save Pablo Dybala and a bright lock ahead chrysanthemum the box of Jose Mourinho witnessed one of the greatest matches of Bravo last time.

for that reason, Praised by the Spanish press at a conference starring a native of Wilco Therefore, various media outlets in the Iberian country former goalkeeper Barcelona.

Kudos to Claudio Bravo

For example, his own Betis worthy of attention ‘excellent’ accompanied by photos of the national performance at the Olympic Stadium in Rome.

One person who also commented on the 39-year-old goalkeeper’s performance said, uncheck he said: He made a couple of notable goal stops. He knew how to stop the game when it should and supported his teammates… The Chileans did almost everything well.”

For that part Diary of Seville , the match was uneven as he praised Chile’s interception. “Bravo put in a great performance at an important stop. Dybala and Cristante. great game. he was one of Betis’ generals And came to the rescue of his team, ”they noted from the Andalusian media.

Also who repeated what the former goalkeeper witnessed city ​​of manchesterIt was sports stadium he said: “His intuition didn’t work 1-0 against Dybala, but he denied him in the second fly to the team At the edge of the break, turn your left foot away so as not to drop it from the Argentinian.”

“On reboot, he suffered a flogging at point-blank range from Cristante his demonstration great level And his amazing physical condition,” they added.

Confident shooter under Three tubes from Betis received more compliments from various Iberian media. Ace he pointed out: “Extraordinary. He had a phenomenal hand against Dybala and then intervened decisively against Cristante.” many sports showed “Huge stop, one for the first part and one for the second part. he supported his team. “

Finally, people who also had a word about what was done by them Chilean at the stadium ABC where they highlighted it “Bravo was a savior”

definitely excellent presentation and commitment one of the referents of golden age in our country compliments and compliments Just when he needed it most, he Last day of pass market Dropped in La Liga Louis Silva.

again, Spanish Division 1 League At the beginning of the season, it was the reason Eduardo Berisso if he is not summoned to a double FIFA date in September, rate the DT of ~ very well red If you want to command and win for the first time National selection.

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