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‘Assassin’: My cover for police crackdown that ended in death in Argentine football


After the death of an Argentinian football fan, the popular sports newspaper Ole ran a grim front page titled “The Assassin”.

With denial and concern, this Friday the famous Argentinian sports newspaper Oleafter a fan died during a police crackdown during a Gimnasia de la Plata match against Boca Juniors.

A serious incident was recorded between fans and uniformed staff outside the ‘Lobo’ stadium.

In connection with this, the police quelled it with gas and rubber bullets, leaving one dead and dozens injured as an unfortunate balance.

In this regard, the Ole newspaper today carried a critical and very harsh cover page, emphasizing the following words: “Assassin”

“Gymnastics – Boca stopped at 9”: There was a police crackdown as the stadium overflowed with spectators. gas, rubber bullets, injured and dead fans,” he added.

The so-called “Tragedy of the Plage” has caused great concern in neighboring countries. A video of police directly attacking a cameraman also went viral.

For now, on Trans-Andean soil, responsibilities are “crossed”. The La Plata Club questions the actions of the police and denies it, and the security agencies question the overselling of tickets.

Gymnastics is currently 6th, while Boca Juniors are 2nd in the Argentine Championships.

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