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Martín Parra revives the ill-fated attack at the Classico Universitario: ‘I couldn’t get up’



Martín Parra gives his perspective on the attacking experience in the second leg of the Copa Chile quarter-finals at the Valparaíso stadium, against Universidad Católica, and the Classico Universitario.

archer of you , Martin Parra Evolved nicely after the attack he underwent college classic in view of UC where he was beaten rumble bomb It fell several meters off his body, causing him to acoustic trauma.

More than a week has passed since the unfortunate event of This checked the security inside the stadium.

after spending a few days medical care yesterday’s youth blue goalkeeper I was able to leave the hospital back to training but will be monitored daily until you are authorized to represent Romantic travelers in court.

on his return CDA Blue, formed by Huachipato talked to him communication area In the national team he mentioned an incident that left everyone national football I am concerned about what is happening across the country.

A tense moment lived by Martín Parra

In his first statement after returning to the sports complex, Parra said: “I was terrified that something was going to come to my body. what i see in the image calms me down thank god No ear problems and other injuries to the body. ”

“After the goal, we look back to restart the game. I feel like the first one exploded. My intention was to try to cum as I expected it to keep falling more. Later, I realized that two more had exploded and threw myself to the floor. I couldn’t stand showed the previous “stealer”.

He then goes on to recount his reaction after an acoustic bomb fell meters from his body at the Elias Figueroa Blundell Stadium in Valparaiso.Expressed by Martin, it is detailed “I felt like my ears were blocked. I didn’t hear anything. When they sat me down, I was still listening very far away. I felt that my hearing was wrong. ”

“When they entered the locker room, I kept blowing the loud whistle.” he added.

He then commented on symptoms that became apparent after a few hours in the hospital. At the clinic and at discharge.

Related to that, Archer of University of Chile he pointed out: “I arrived at the clinic in good shape. But when they moved me to their room, when I had to go to the bathroom, When I got back to bed, I felt dizzy and had a headache. He repeated this for three or four days.

“They told me there was damage in my ear. The results are still slightly modified and not 100% perfect, It should improve with the treatment I am receiving. ” commented.

He also highlighted the fans’ support and affection for him, noting: “I am amazed at the support from the fans. I really appreciate it. There was a message from someone every day at the club that everyone was worried about. Many people also spoke to my family. Thank you for your support. I know they do it with love. ”

Finally, he delved into the themes behind everything that happened. violence in the stadium and what do i know Live more often these days. Given this, Martín Parra emphasized that: “Players and people on the court are exposed to this kind of thing, and it’s become the norm in recent years. But it shouldn’t be.”

“You should be a little more careful about that sort of thing. Be more careful and don’t let them pass. there should be more Protect players and people Who’s on the show,’ he concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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