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Snoop Dogg is Alvo: The network-famous rapper surprises to pose in a ColoCoro shirt



When famous American rapper and actor Snoop Dogg posted a photo of himself wearing a ColoCoro shirt on his official social networks, his white fans responded immediately.

famous american rapper snoop dog It surprised his Chilean followers, especially Colo Colo fans. After posting a photo on Instagram of her posing in a “Cacique” shirt.

Arvo will take on American actor Curico Unido this Sunday at Monumental in preparation for a match that could bring down his 33rd star. left a specific postcard on the network .

The 50-year-old artist with nearly 77 million followers on Instagram Appears in a ColoCoro outfit and makes typical rapper gestures highlighting the jewelry she wears in the image.

The publication generated an immediate reaction from Internet users across the country. 300,000 likes in just minutes! ,Furthermore From the official account of the “popular” cast .

‘Come on my king only coro’, ‘Uncle Meo Corte Snoop’, ‘Throw cup nΒΊ 33 blessing’, ‘Until you get over the anger and disappointment when you got off Lollapalooza, Snoop Dogg It’s amazing.” were some comments on Instagram.

Source: Biobiochile

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