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Goodbye to gold resurgence: Chile falls without appealing to Colombia, finishes last in Odesur



Chile’s sub-20 fell without appeal against Colombia by Asuncion’s Odesul, failing to restore gold from the previous edition in Cochabamba.he says goodbye as the last of the group

Chilean U20 football team he said goodbye early of Asuncion Odessur Games 2022away from medal contention in Paraguay, when he fell this Saturday without appealing 3-0 against his likewise from Colombia .

Thus the national team closed the curtain To dream of reviving the gold medal won in Cochabamba four years ago .

in spite of getting hopeful victory On their debut against Argentina (1-0), Patricio Olmazabal’s side then it became inaccurate Bowed to Ecuador 1-2.

red sub 20 A step into the next phase was played today South American Games for “Coffee Growers” lost from start to finish Colombia won by a landslide, demonstrating the high strength of concrete.

5 minutes later the Colombian opened an account Miguel Monsalve, penalty shot .

Despite already complementing and playing with another man from the 28th minute, Chile suffered two new conquests. Jose Murat (66 minutes) and Sebastien Girard (78 minutes) They scored for the Colombians.

In this way, national They are the last of the group to bow and say goodbye to Asuncion .

Source: Biobiochile

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