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O’Higgins held back for a while with 10 men to score a positive draw against Unión Española



O’Higgins endured ten players and saved valuable points on a visit to Unión Española, one of the direct rivals in the fight to reach the International Cup.

Plus tie in your visit Spanish Union registered tonight O’Higgins of Rancagua for him national championship.

A fitting result for ‘Light Blue’, especially considering they had to play the entire second half with 10 players.

Expulsion of Juan Fuentes , at 42′, complicated the visitor of Santa Laura. However, they maintained order and temperance in the second period despite numerical difficulties.

O’Higgins’ defense was so solid that the Santa Laura team could only get close with shots from medium and long range.

Thus, a few minutes passed and the scoreboard ended in white: 0-0.

O’Higgins has a positive rating as he reached 38 points and is currently in 7th place. will temporarily stay in last place in next year’s Copa Sudamericana.

On the other hand, Unión Española, with 37 for 9th place, were the big “losers” of the tie.

On the next day, participants from Rancagua will receive Cobresal and the ‘Spanish’ will have to visit Deportes Antofagasta.

Source: Biobiochile

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