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One man down: Betis keep adding in La Liga after picking up a point against Valladolid


With Claudio Bravo on the bench, Real Betis, led by Manuel Pellegrini, finished one man short of Valladolid in the Spanish league.

of Valladolid He had to settle for 1 point because he didn’t hit his 1-1 target. Betis of leagueplaying one player from the 38th minute after German Pesella was sent off, concentrating more on defense than creating dangerous chances.

As Valladolid coach Pacheta had warned, it was important to control the ball against opponents accustomed to it and look for loopholes in the ‘green and white’ defense from the start.

That premise was met by the local team after suffering the first scare 20 seconds later. Because Borja he Iglesias was trying to extract the oil from the lack of understanding between the two central “blanchibi lettuce” – Javi he Sanchez and Joaquín. We were able to change this dangerous situation.

From that moment on, Real Valladolid saw Sergio Leon and Iván Sanchez very active, I want to surprise Louis Silva but they didn’t find enough space to accomplish that, so no threatening behavior occurred.

The Betis team began to react and for several minutes looked to the local area where the defense was questioned. Manuel Pellegrini They failed to find any verticality, except that Borja Iglesias’ shot flew to the left of the goal, which was protected by Jordi Masip.

In the 38th minute, Oscar Plano got the ball in the middle of the field and went it alone against Rui Silva for speed. However, it was intercepted by Pezera who saw the red card has one less player left on his team.

He gave wings to the Valladolid players who were looking for Sergio León’s goal, but his shot from inside a tight area hit Rui Silva.

Real Valladolid picked up momentum in the second half and made it clear that they wanted to close the tie with an electronic goal. was attached to

Shortly after, the ‘blanquivioleta’ team delivered a perfectly attacking delivery, with Sergio León using his speed to approach the visitor area and cross, but Quique remained motionless and the ball continued on a lonely path. .

They were moments of absolute local control, and Pacheta wanted to make it more effective by releasing Shon Weisman. But Betis showed that there was no room for easing in the defense of the ‘Blanchibiota’.Canales was able to score after a pass from Borja Iglesias that saw a break in his teammate.Good intervention by Macipu If not.

From the right, the Andalusian team began to reach the local area with a channel that was always in danger. This gave Betis more wings as they began to find and control the ball, forcing an error from the Valladolid team as a result of their emergence. A certain disbelief when you see that a long-cherished goal has not been achieved.

It was still ‘déjà vu’ and there was another game in which Real Valladolid produced more and dominated more, but even Sergi Guardiola, for the second game in a row, was defined by Luis Silva’s saves. was not possible. Header beyond the next crossbar.

At the Valladolid stadium, there were concerns that Betis could claim superior quality with one of the players arriving in the ‘blanquivioleta’ area and score a goal late in the match, as they did against Cádiz and Girona. was given.

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