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Nothing to surprise Arsenal: ‘Gunners’ beat opaque Liverpool to continue leading Premier League



Arsenal have maintained their high standards in the English Premier League, beating sinking and uncertain Liverpool in the English league.

nothing moves arsenal an impressive pace-setting leader in the Premier League, overcoming challenges and litmus paper with the irrepressible ambition he expresses on pitches he beats. liverpool (3-2) Keep the lead for another day.

Arsenal’s growth is impressive. Something changed with the London team and the Premier. They have beaten Liverpool just once in their latest round of 14 head-to-head matches. This Sunday was his second in that section and although it was very clear at the time in Mikel Arteta’s side that the club had not won the English League since 2004, Manchester City and he are held one point behind. .

Eighteen years have passed since that Arsenal trophy. That present assumes he’s as strong a contender as he hasn’t been remembered for long at the Emirates Stadium. The team led by Jürgen Klopp has a nuance that he has one less collision.

His reaction to pressure from City is compelling. The team provisionally overtaken for Saturday’s lead Mikel Arteta He replied with absolute certainty of what he was doing, as one would expect from the dimension he reached at the start of this campaign. In less than 58 seconds, he was able to move the opposition and Liverpool with great expressiveness. His drop from the top of the table is due more to the merits than the demerits of his rivals.

So far, no doubt. His excellent start in the ‘Premier’, with eight wins and his one loss (Manchester’s defeat against United), represents the formidable and irrefutable reality Arsenal are enjoying today.William Saliba Territory Until Settlement Gabriel Martinelli Before Allison. A brilliant pass came from Martin Odegaard.

Liverpool responded. Goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale was forced to react meter by meter, moment by moment, against Darwin Sanchez’s shot and Saliba’s shot into his own goal.ground The Uruguayan striker scored a low cross from Luis Diaz in the 33rd minute .

It is a goal that clears the doubts of Darwin Nunez. The Millionaire’s summer investment has also put pressure on the striker, who has not scored a goal in the Premier League since Aug. 6 in his two months between opening day and this Sunday. Undisputed Community He’s a Shield hero, and he’s only scored two league goals so far. Jürgen Klopp’s block needs it. And even more Uruguayan attackers.

But just when it looked like the best game for Liverpool, Arsenal scored and a fast-paced counter-attack kicked in on the edge of a Martinelli-directed break, grabbing the ball in midfield and sprinting into the opposite goal. We started our drive, focusing on two broken rivals (Henderson and Alexander Arnold) and the center of the area. Bukayo Saka puts 2-1 in net to distrust of Jürgen Klopp and his footballers .

Trent Alexander-Arnold also did poorly from 2-1. A misreading of his actions opened up a gap that wouldn’t have existed if he had held back momentum when he shouldn’t have gone to the intersection.

As before, but on the contrary, Liverpool resurfaced at an unexpected time, and when the game seemed to be at its most Arsenal power, Diogo Jota’s pass revitalized the back of the local defense. make it Roberto Firmino crosses his left foot to make it 2-2 53 minutes.

Between Gabriel Jesus’ fears – an elbow fell on his face in terror on the pitch but he later recovered after a few minutes of attention on the pitch – Arsenal have resumed their greed . I didn’t want a tie. it wasn’t enough for him. he was restless.

First, Allison stopped attacks against Saka and Gabriel Jesus. Suddenly, Liverpool were subject to more penalties than they had discussed, from Thiago to the Brazilian attacker, Granito Xhaka’s centre, ending with the maximum penalty. The midfielder felt innocent: he put his hand on his head and received Ogiplatico’s decision.

Saka scored in the 76th minute. Between the apotheosis of the Emirates Stadium and the unstoppable defensive wounds suffered by Liverpool (six goals in the last two league games), Arsenal’s dozens of demonstrations have culminated and its limits are still intangible. Is not …

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