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La U youth mix after immortal important victory at La Serena



La U Bastian Tapia lads, Lucas Asadi and Dario Osorio starred in an interlude after U’s victory at La Serena

University of Chile Win a valuable 2-1 victory on your visit to Deportes La Serena and is valid until the 27th of the National Championship. It gave him oxygen in the fight for persistence .

But it wasn’t all rosy for the college cast. Interlude with young Dario Osorio, Lucas Asadi and Bastian Tapia .

As seen on television footage after the final whistle, Central defender punched Asadi in the face Campus celebrated victory over “Garnet”. It all seemed like a joke, but the reaction wasn’t happy .

back of cardboard Osorio talks to his partner doing aggressive work and he grabs his arm .

With the Blues’ victory at La Portada They reached 29 points, six units away from the relegation zone there are three dates to dispute.

Source: Biobiochile

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