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Gary at UC in 2023?They reveal they are ‘confident’ Medel will sign Chile’s return to football



Gary Medel to UC in 2023?From Italy, they reveal they are sure the ‘pitbull’ will soon leave Bologna and return to Chilean football

Gary Medel He will soon make his long-awaited return to Chilean football. he quit football in 2009 when he moved from Universidad Católica to popular Argentinian club Boca Juniors.

Italy’s Bologna player feels it at 35 It’s time to put an end to his 13-year long journey abroad – including 12 in Europe – Returning to his roots and ending his career with dignity.

according to the portal 1000cuorirossoblu.itBologna supporter, two-time American champion at La Roja Decided to return to Chilean football in 2023 .

“The search for a new potential midfielder also stems from the need for several contracts to expire. Nico Dominguez’s contract expires in 2024, but Gary Medel and Roberto Soriano next year (Gary is certain to return to Chile to finish his career there) ‘, maintained the medium.

Even the Bologna leader already has a name in the folder to replace the national team. Gianluca Busio the current Venetian player.

There seems to be no doubt about Medel’s fate in his return to national football. catholic university. Central defense Formed with fringe casting made his professional debut in 2006.

The Konchari native never considered a club other than UC to continue his successful career.Former Inter Milan, Sevilla, Cardiff, even Besiktas He uses his trip to Chile to encourage the Crusaders from the same bar.

What’s unclear is if Gary will play for the country again from early next year thinking about participating in national and international competitions, After terminating the contract with “Rosso Blue” in June 2023.

Source: Biobiochile

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