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Clicquot Unido director and attack on Byron Oyarso: ‘beauty turned tragedy’



Curico Unido sporting manager Carlos Bechtholt has addressed the reprehensible attack suffered by striker Byron Oyarso. “He’s still a little upset about what happened.”

Carlos Bechtholt, Sports Manager of Curico Unido Club, said: A reprehensible attack suffered by striker Byron Oyarzo When the team arrived in town after a 1-1 draw with CoroColo at Monumental Stadium.

27 years old He was attacked with combos and kicks by the barista at the “Albiroja” store especially on the roof of the bus that took the campus to the city of Curico. They tried to steal his clothes.

In a statement to wireless Maule Regional Club Leader said: What was so beautiful turned into a tragedy in the end because I never imagined this would happen. Luckily it didn’t happen to adults ”.

“To Byron Oyalso. I must say in clear words, they attacked him they tried to undress him and attacked him. It can’t be.It is an act that should be thoroughly reconsidered. “, he added.

Whoever defended the “Tortello” team as a midfielder from 2006 to 2008 announced:As a club we have taken appropriate action and lodged a complaint with Carabinero. The player has confirmed the injury and will proceed to the final result.this is impossible ”.

“It surprises us and causes great sadness, because I don’t think anyone can be attacked like that. And we must reject this act. The level of aggression in this society is increasing, it was proven last night “, he added.

Finally, Bechthold addressed the physical and mental condition of the right winger, who has performed well this year for a team led by Damian Muñoz.

“The most important thing is Byron. He’s healthy but still a little upset about what happened under these circumstances, thank God nothing serious happened,” he concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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