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Coelho accuses ColoColofan of threatening after clash with Cortez: ‘You never want to hurt’



Curico Unido striker Diego Coelho has blamed threats from ColoColo fans after starring in an ill-fated play with Brayan Cortés.

Besides being the scorer of the goal that sealed the 1–1 tie between ColoColo and Curico Unido, he prevented ‘Cacique’ from picking up the 33rd star.Uruguayan striker Diego Coelho He was the star of the game on Sunday after an unfortunate play.

Then, in the 52nd minute of a packed-out Monumental Stadium, the ‘Torteros’ forward ran over the goalkeeper. blayan cortez Inside the area, the Chilean national team goalkeeper was left lying on the ground for an extended period of time, after which he was diagnosed with an infection. nasal fracture .

In that sense, after the endless controversy that ensued after the final whistle of the showdown, Charrua said: ASChile He blamed threats from “white” fans for referring to a hard crash that caused Cortez to bleed profusely and accidentally.

“I was threatened by a malicious person who thinks a player is doing it on purpose. You don’t want to hurt someone first and then another footballer.” began by revealing the skinny 27-year-old striker.

He further added, “These are the people who speak through the network.” “I didn’t think it mattered. I also don’t want this to cause any more controversy. I just want to show that it was just a crash, a match play. Bad luck for both of us. and that we were both injured in that situation.” .

“They threaten me and my family with things they don’t understand, but oh well…” he warned.

Regarding the accident itself, Coelho detailed his views on the unfortunate accident, explaining that he had to be replaced later on as a result.

“It was a normal play in a clash during the match. We were both injured and I had to leave the game because of that play. It was a bad play for both of us. It was just a clash… I’m looking at the ball but I can’t see Brayyan When I see him later I already have him over me I’m going to fight for the ball and I can’t stop myself anymore You can not.” described the forwards of the Kurikano cast.

Meanwhile, the Uruguayan realized that he contacted Cortés after the match to clarify no malice and to check on the goalkeeper’s health.

“We exchanged greetings normally and he didn’t say anything to me if anything happened. I saw him too and he had a cotton swab in his nose so he was fine.” At that time, I thought I was the worst, but I think I have a little more time to spare.” he pointed out.

Coelho denounced and lamented the current state of Chilean football, although he did not mention Byron Oyarso’s attack by the ‘Tortello’ barista.

“There is a lot of controversy among fans these days about what is happening and what shouldn’t be. increase” was sentenced.

Source: Biobiochile

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