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ANFP confirms punishment of father of young man from Colo-Coro. He was accused of assaulting a star from Huachipato.



The father of a young man from Colocolo who was accused of assaulting a U17 footballer from Huachipato has been identified and sanctioned by the ANFP.

He reacted after the scandal. of ANFP Sanctions against fathers of young people from have been confirmed in the last hours Korokoro He was accused of assaulting a Huachipato player during the U17 final.

Remember, the cast of Talcahuano released a statement condemning the fireworks display by the Cacique footballer and the father of one, which inspired striker Ezequel Morales.

“I strongly condemn the launch of fireworks by CoroCoro players at the start and end of the game. In the latter case, the father of one of them intends only to attack and injure the players. reached Huachipato centre-forward Ezequel Morales to detail Usina’s team.

In this regard, ANFP said in a statement posted on its official website that it “strongly condemns any act of violence committed within the framework of the football tournament it organizes.”

“ANFP lodges a complaint with Carabinero reporting to the public prosecutor’s office, right of entry applies to identified persons I hope it will end by removing these bad practices from Chilean football,” he added.

Finally, the Kirin-based entity said, fortunately, that “the affected player was treated immediately and taken to the nearest care center, where it was determined that the nature of his injury was minor. ‘ reported.

Source: Biobiochile

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