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A gem near Pedrero: they ensure that Carlos Palacios was one step away from ColoColo



Chilean footballer Carlos Palacios approaches ColoColo: Gustavo Quinteros himself would have convinced him.

Already agreed, only details are missing. Carlos Palacios an elected Chilean, currently in Vasco da Gama, Brazil, Korokoro.

After some twists and turns, the Brazilian team would have given the green light to the transfer of a footballer who had been blinded by the Spanish federation a few seasons earlier.

‘Jewel’, who doesn’t have any more places in Vasco, arrives at ‘Kasiq’ to add time and power next season.

“The club understands that there is no better environment for Chileans within the squad and appreciates the best way to negotiate with Colo-Colo.” more about it Globo Sport.

Meanwhile, according to information from journalist Benjamin Bonhomme, ESPN ChilePalacios also approved his resignation after receiving a call from “Arbo” coach Gustavo Quinteros.

In the same vein, the communicator specified that ColoColo would take over a significant portion of the player’s salary, which is favorably viewed in Brazil, in addition to the loan.

Currently, it is expected that the next few days will be key so that the Corocolina store can seal the arrival of “Jewel” in Makuru.

Source: Biobiochile

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