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Real Betis ended the Ibiza dream in the Copa del Rey: Claudio Bravo was the starter



Real Betis, led by Manuel Pellegrini and Claudio Bravo, beat Ibiza to maintain the illusion that the Copa del Rey title is back.

of Real Betis took the first step towards defending the title of champion king’s cup By imposing a lot of work this Thursday – albeit a bulky 1-4 – on the sole survivor of the 2nd RFEF, of CD Ibiza Pitiusas Islands.

In Can Misses Annex 3, the champions struggled to get a ticket and put an end to the dream of a humble Balearic team. Another team kept their emotions to the end and faced Manuel Pellegrini’s men with their weapons. Who avoided a greater fear thanks to a good second half.

Chilean manager opts for rotation Only Sergio Canales remained in 11th place A goalless draw against Athletic Club in La Liga Santander, their ‘B’ plan seemed to work as Domain and Chance were the visitors.

Rodri and the Cantabrian midfielder were the first to issue the caution, especially the second, the second shot hitting the post on goal. Ibiza Islas Pitiusas tried to defend themselves in a joint effort and deploy in transition, but without much success.

but, As the match began to settle, the locals found themselves ahead on the scoreboard Victor Ruiz failed to repay his loan and after his first shot at Mass failed, Pepe Bernal didn’t let Chile’s Claudio Bravo beat.

With plenty of time left, Betis were in no hurry to return, only to scare something again with Rodri’s shot from outside the area.

After the break, the game opened up a little more. The Ibizan team could have made more transitions for a 0-2, but soon realized their amazing chances began to fade. In other words, in just 4 minutes, William Jose headed in and Edgar heeled Rodri’s shot to turn the score around.

Despite the unfavorable conditions, Ibiza Pitiusas did not collapse and continued to challenge. Juan Antonio Sánchez and several other arrivals indicated that they wanted to extend the excitement as long as possible. Willian Carvalho makes a good pass to William Jose and the Brazilian gets the call .

At the end, more local players arrived and Julen López scored a very clear goal, making sure the goal was canceled when Marín started in the correct position. Nabil Fekir made the decision in injury time.

Thus, with a “mixed” victory, Real Betis advanced to the round of 16 of the competition.

Source: Biobiochile

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