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In Brazil, it is revealed that Carlos Palacios had fed up Vasco with anarchy, which is why he comes to ColoColo.



As revealed in Brazil, Chilean Carlos Palacios arrives at ColoColo after Vasco da Gama has grown weary of his undiscipline.

Carlos Palacios Former Union Espanola striker Korokoro For the 2023 season.

After passing through opaque Brazil, he Inter Porto Alegre world Vasco da Gama Finding no regularity, ‘La Joya’ marks a return to Chile to rediscover the levels that were dazzling in Santa Laura’s ‘reds’.

Negotiations have been extensive between ‘Cacique’ and Vasco, but the deadlock has finally been broken and coach Gustavo Quinteros is already waiting for Palacios early in the pre-season in Argentina.

but in the last few hours In Brazil, they revealed several episodes of lack of national discipline. That would have motivated the “admiral” leadership to let go of the Chileans.

according to glove sportsIn late December, Palacios missed one practice and was late for another.

“He was slapped on the wrist and that fact made his relationship with the club even worse.” they added.

Similarly, La Jolla “had not adapted to Rio and started only five of the 24 games they played in Serie B. The player himself has decided to look for another club for this season.” I thought about it sometimes,” he said.

There was no case for Carlos Palacios

The above weren’t the only known issues with Vasco’s former Inter de Porto Alegre.

The presence of Claudio Maldonado ‘Admiral’, who could have greatly supported Palacios at the club, which ultimately did not materialize.

“The presence of Maldonado, Barbieri’s assistant, was expected to help Palacios recover. Also, the former defensive midfielder from Chile has had a good stage and adapted to Brazilian football,” emphasized by Globo Esporte.

Finally, from the aforementioned outlet, “While on vacation, Palacios was caught in a dispute in Chile and was arrested for threatening his wife. Afterwards, the midfielder posted, ‘It was all a misunderstanding.’ On December 12, the players appeared normally in the preseason.

Source: Biobiochile

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