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Gustavo Quinteros shoots Lucero and the referee after losing to Magallanes in the Supercup



Gustavo Quinteros, in his style, criticized Juan Martín Lucero for his departure from ColoColo and stood up to Supercup referee Fernando Bejar.

the coach of Korokoro Gustavo Quinteros threw a dart Juan Martin Lucero and referee Fernando Bejar After Alba lost on penalties in the Super Cup against Magallanes at the Sausalito stadium.

white strategist controversial departure “The Cat” by Pedrero.Finally, the ‘Cacique’ scorer during the 2022 campaign has signed in Brazilian fortress .

“Sometimes we think that we can improve and strengthen the team from one season to the next, but situations arise that we never thought possible, free players leave, Others in a bad way, by contract ‘ he pointed out at the outset.

“Unfortunately, we had to find a striker to replace Lucero, who has moved to another club. we will be a competitive team again “he added.

Delving into what happened to Lucero, UC’s former DT and Mexico’s Tijuana pointed out:that’s a very big problem I couldn’t do that on January 2nd, the players left and I had to go find a forward. he hurt us a lot i think he’s wrong ”.

To wrap up the topic, Quinteros further said: “In this case ColoCoro is right. i hope justice is done , but lost a player. It was the team that suffered as the season started too early and they were unable to replace him on time. “

The referee of the Super Cup was not spared

DT of the “popular” cast also focused criticism on the Supercup referee. Fernando Bejar even asked that he no longer direct them.

“Hopefully the championship is not led by the referee. they are not trained as they are . I don’t know if it’s malicious or intentionally accusing CoroCoro ” he pointed out.

“Every time he refereeed, it hurt us so much, but he had nothing to do with the outcome,” he said.

Source: Biobiochile

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