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Lucero’s agent denies Branco y Negro and reveals nothing to ‘cats’: ‘They didn’t listen to us’



Juan Martín Lucero’s agent, Martín Presto, has denied the charges against the striker, revealing that Branco y Negro was abusive towards his manager.

novel between Korokoro world Juan Martin Lucero It’s not over yet and crossovers continue to occur after the striker’s disrespect for ‘Kasiq’ as the scorer has already left the club.

This time I was a representative of “Gato”, Martin Purst who attacked black and white And denied the accusations against his client that had been up since the dawn of time.

“ColoColo waited until the last minute for notification that he wanted the player as he was a goalscorer and active in the tournament. I wanted it and chose ColoCoro. Now he wanted to continue too,” the agent commented to La Tercera.

Later, Perst assured: “Throughout the year there were details. For example, the exchange rate. If you have a player who makes a difference at the club, you have to pay a little attention to him. I had no idea that exchange rates could be so volatile. ”

“It’s not a huge amount of money lost, but former President Edmundo Valladares said we shouldn’t worry about it. If there’s a significant increase, the value of the dollar will be pegged for the year. Valladares promised to review the contract for the value of the dollar, but despite their promise, they did not listen to us, ”the Gato representative added. I got

“Juan Martin Lucero always wanted to stay at ColoColo”

Martín Perst continued to question Blanco y Negro, emphasizing: “Martin wanted to stay in CoroCoro forever. That was his priority and he let me know. He said it and shared it with me: With ColoColo, he found his place in the world.

“Again, he always stressed to me that he wanted to stay at Colo Colo. Moron, apart from the fact that he’s mad at me,” Perst added.

Finally, Juan Martín Lucero’s agent said, “I approached them in December with an offer for Fortaleza and asked them to work hard considering the high price they were offering, but they would wait until three weeks later. I didn’t respond,” he claimed.

‘And they didn’t answer anything specific. ” I think CoroCoro thought I was lying.They didn’t believe me.I don’t know.

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