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From Concepcion to Europe: New (and Exotic) Destinations for Deportes Temuco’s Champion Goalkeeper



The 33-year-old goalkeeper will be playing European football for the first time in his entire career.

Surprise and exotic destinations. José Luis Gamonal’s name is ringing again on the Chilean football table, and in 2015 Primera B Deportes his Temuco champion ‘Meme’ leap into European football .

With BioBioChile able to complement, the 33-year-old goalkeeper has signed a six-month deal with Marsaxlokk FC, the team he currently plays for the football club. malta premier league .

Thus, a football-trained player at Deportes Temuco will have his first football adventure in the Old Continent after becoming a free player after an irregular tour. fernandez vial , Painting of Paintsta where he descended After playing 25 games as a starter, he moved into the Second Pro Division in 2022.

Of course, Gamonar is not the only iconic footballer who has gone to Malta as a new destination.Other Chileans playing football in the Mediterranean country are Edison Bilbao and Francisco Arriagada .

Bilbao will play for Youth FC in 2021, and Arriagada, from Tarcahuano, has experienced various clubs such as Vittoriosa Stars and Fugla United.

Source: Biobiochile

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