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Juan Pablo Gomez attacks Santa Laura: ‘I didn’t need to play on a field like this’



Juan Pablo Gomez has attacked and criticized the poor condition of the Santa Laura pitch after making both debuts in the national championship after the University of Chile lost to Huachipato.

that party Finished the first day of the national championship starring in 2023 University of Chile received at the stadium Saint Laura a Huachipato in a duel that ended in Bruce’s defeat by 3 to 1 Before the strength that the “Stealer” team showed.

the debut of Mauricio Pellegrino Nationals didn’t live up to fans’ expectations romantic traveler They seemed brand insecure and flimsy, given the apparently poor state of the enclosure court in independence It also hosts the duels of UC And of Spanish Union During the creole contest.

A player who saw the first official match. blue t-shirt it was Juan Pablo Gomez was part of last season United Clicquot.

After the collapsing of the side against the university team “steel workers” spoke to the media and had words about the defeat he pointed out Poor pitch condition matters at the iconic redoubt.

In a statement, Gomez pointed out: “Today is a special day for me , but sad about the result. We came to look for positive results, Unfortunately, field conditions kept the game from going smoothly for either team. We couldn’t create the chances we had.”

He then complemented his argument by stating: I can’t see what I’m working on because the field doesn’t allow it. ”

“Can I qualify for less than zero? There was no field like this in Part 1 : It is difficult to play soccer because there is a lot of sand, a lot of Champa and a little grass. As Chilean football, I regret having to go through this “, finished.

Check out the poor condition of the pitch at Santa Laura Stadium

Source: Biobiochile

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