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Roberto Tovar attacks Quinteros: denounces Supercup and DT statements and risks severe sanctions



Roberto Tobar is fed up with Gustavo Quinteros’ claims and decides to denounce him in a disciplinary court.

He couldn’t stand the allegations and decided to ‘fight back’. Robert Tovar the chairman of the refereeing committee filed a complaint against the coach of Korokoro, Gustavo Quinteros on his statement after the Supercup.

Remember, after the loss to Club Magallanes, Quinteros was very upset and took out his anger on commitment judge Fernando Bejar. I don’t know if it’s bad or intentionally accusing Colo Colo,” was part of his speech.

DT’s words received a strong media response, with Tobar officially defending the referee via video. Facet,” he said.

But that was not all. Tubal also decided to go to disciplinary court and file a complaint against the strategist, accusing it of damaging Véjar’s image. Third.

According to the publication, Tubal’s appeal is discussed in “Article 1, paragraph 2 of the Procedures and Penalties.” It seeks to punish anyone who violates the principles of fair play, It is a consideration of sporting integrity. “

Gustavo Quinteros thus faces charges that could lead to even severe sanctions against him.

Specifically, if it is established that fair play has been compromised, the DT: A sporting penalty of a fine or suspension of up to 50 games will be imposed. Another headache for “Arbos”.

Source: Biobiochile

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