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Pedro Carcurro excites blue fans: ‘La U Stadium will host the 2030 World Cup’



Renowned sports journalist Pedro Carcuro has determined that the future Lau Stadium will be one of the venues to host the 2030 World Cup if Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay can retain their planetary appointments this year. bottom.

University of Chile trying to end all the years of Wander around other people’s stadiums in the coming months unique housing Ensure fans have a place to meet players location conditions.

However, it is still unknown where position it is only known that the location is planned for later Build a bastion for romantic travelers.

however, famous and famous sports journalist of our country, Pedro Carcuro dropped a bomb, Campus of U will be one of those that house them world cup 2030

To contextualize Chile, other than that Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay part of the candidacy South America who wants to be with him international soccer events that year, spain, portugal, ukraine as the European Headquarters, Morocco solo and Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Greece.

the truth is to get World Cup 2022 for “Albiceleste” and the 100 years of the first World Cup in Charrua promote more strongly the candidatures put forward by each country Conmebol.

so he Veteran National Informant guaranteed by the program time the stadium of the future University of Chile hosts planetary events that are expected to reach this side of the world.

This is how he sentenced him by declaring that “We have a problem with silver. Where are the best candidates so far? Chile is involved , in partnership with Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. Why this society?in honor of World Cup 100th Anniversary”.

“The first tournament was Uruguay in 1930 And we leap to find ourselves at the new Centenario Stadium. final for sure , that’s grace. And perhaps the season opener, what do the fans want? Argentinian ‘ he pointed out.

U Stadium

He then said of the college campus: Santiago’s offer, promise considers two new stages on paper. New Corocoro Monument and the stadium University of Chile, Both have 45,000 spectators.

Finally, he endorsed the information stating:state-of-the-art stadium innovative and sustainable architecture. That’s the big hit I wanted to convey ”.

“Nacional ceased to appear exclusively, Rather, two of our country’s most popular clubs will be able to offer brand new stadiums. almost newly built to play this World Cup. Korokoro and U They want to host the World Cup,” he concluded.

Relive the moment Pedro Carcuro decided to host the 2030 World Cup at La U Stadium

Source: Biobiochile

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