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Harsh arbitration report complicates U: launching ‘seat’ condemned and risks sanctions



The first day of the University of Chile’s national championship did not live up to expectations. Because he went 3-1 against Huachipato. Also today, an arbitration report was released denouncing a series of inconveniences that could lead to sanctions against the cast. blue.

The duel that closed the first day National Championship 2023 it was a meeting between University of Chile world HuachipatoWhere you Lost 3-1 to “Steelers” in stadium Saint Laura In terrible conditions on the court played against both teams Independent district.

But it wasn’t all bad. Mauricio Pellegrino it’s not the best and they committed some fouls that could result in the first sanction of the season College cast.

In the arbitration report distributed by Hector Jonah Gamboa several incidents have been noted both during start the match during and after defeat of the blues at Santa Laura.

The official statement read, “The match Three minutes delayed due to papers thrown by University of Chile fans Receipt of equipment that had to be removed before the game starts ”.

After that, he said, “During the development of the second half, the fans of University of Chile They climb the perimeter bars of the field and two calls are made over loudspeakers to stop this situation.

The second half is “laser pointer” and “sheet”

“In 65 minutes fan It is in north gallery Start pointing the stadium’s laser pointer players and referees During the development of the game, this situation is Remaining games on hold to add the report.

However, this is not all. Disadvantage on the second goal “steel workers” where he said, “From the south gallery where the spectators are, when the footballers are celebrating their second goal University of Chile a bottle of water is thrown towards the players of the visiting team. Reaching out to influence football players.” .

“While inside Huachipato’s goal celebration Fall at 90+4 minutes water bottle Near the Huachipato players from the Pacifico stand where they were Fan of U “,Supplement.

Finally, he declares: seat On the pitch coming from the Andean tribune, Where the University of Chile Fans Were ”.

without a doubt powerful details it could end in first sanction national team, especially college watched many games No spectators last season products of fans who did not respect order during the team’s game.

as well as repeated constants you if not, with different teams chile tournament Moreover, at an international level.

Source: Biobiochile

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