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Nothing goes well for Everton: Bielsa rejects his offer, owners put club on sale and they fear relegation



Everton remain in trouble after Marcelo Bielsa refused to come to the bench and the club’s president announced that the Liverpool team had been put on sale for fear of relegation to the Championship, according to England sources. .

Things are complicated this season Everton in England iconic team of Premier League running several campaigns come down And his future becomes more and more uncertain as the dates pass.

Just a few days ago they sacked the coach of the Liverpool cast, Frank Lampard who came Goodison Park Replaces Spanish in January 2022 Rafael Benitez We managed to avoid relegation last season.

However, this campaign Everton just achieved 3 wins and 15 goals in 20 games bringing it almost to the bottom of the table and causing Strong reaction of his fans to the club owner.

After being left without a coach “Toffee” They set off in search of a weight coach to correct the course of the campaign and went to Rosario Marcelo Bielsa but the reaction of the former coach chile national team It wasn’t what they expected.

According to information from daily mailthe Trans-Andes did not consider the offer of english cast due to their bad campaign and their terrible position in the British tournament, they are 19th in the direct relegation zone. Championship.

Another shot at Everton

Meanwhile, the bad news continues for the group. Merseyside since the owner of the club, Farhad Mosiri proposes to sell 60% of its rising stock $616 million is another setback for complex casting England .

And despite the fact that there is a name that holds power over the blue team, Guardianthe last three accounting balances show a loss $459 million.

In this way Everton We are going through one of the worst seasons ever. dig deeper into your problem this weekend they will receive a strong leader. Premier League , arsenal who don’t want to leave space city ​​of manchester Reach them and they’ll surely win the stadium Goodison Park.

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