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Invent Joan, invent: Brazilian press hallucinates players’ extravagance in Chile’s win over Bolivia



The ColoColo midfielder was one of the most requested players by La Roja Sub 20 fans.

Only 45 minutes was enough for him to leave his mark Joanne Cruz Everyone asked for it, and finally he Chilean team victory over Bolivia Minimum account for the second-to-last date of Colombia’s South American sub-20.

The hardened player didn’t play in his natural position, but that didn’t stop him from showing his talent. During the search for the ball into the area in the second half, Cruz created space to create danger towards the Bolivian defense.

with Double tunnel in front of Ervin Vaca and Juan Pablo Magallanes 52 minutes into the game, João Cruz hallucinated a Brazilian reporter in the Chile vs. Bolivia match and, this time, in response to constant demands for possession from fans across the country.

In addition, Joan Cruz was the key Chilean Attempt to Increase Declared Early Advantage Lucas Asadi in a duel.

As everyone at ‘La Roja’ continued to deliver results towards the end of the game, so did the attacking midfielder. created a clear chance We made it 2-0 from the left, but Renato Cordero wasted the opportunity.

As such, Joan Cruz was an immediate target.One of the numbers in Chile’s victory over Bolivia .

Of course, the Colo Colo player was reprimanded for interrupting a serve by Highlands goalkeeper Bruno Poveda. Suspended for next meeting Added a second yellow card for South America against Venezuela.

Source: Biobiochile

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