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In Santa Laura they are ironic in their criticism of U and UC.



The president of the Spanish Federation, Arturo Juaroz, has been fed up with criticism of the poor condition of the Independencia campus pitch.

of Santa Laura Stadium It’s in the eye of a hurricane. And after the first day of the National Championships, I was able to notice that the lawn at the Unión Española venue was in very poor condition. It also generated a wave of criticism from the University of Chile and the Catholic University. a club that considers an independent field to demonstrate regionality.

For “UC,” the situation escalated to such an extent that the pre-Andean cast chose to change venues, despite reaching an agreement with Hispanic executives.sneaks from both college clubs that sparked reactions of Arturo Juaros Hispanic President.

in a conversation with Sports 13Boss defended the Field of Play by assuring that “the field has been redone” and that “the land has not yet been settled.”

“I was in the field and there is more grass and a little less area than you see on TV. It would take more than a month, so we worked on it.” Juaroth emphasized.

Along the same lines, he added: “It’s not the best field. Everyone has to admit it, but from there, as I heard there, to say it’s worse than the 3rd Division is that it’s a disaster.” The truth is, people have never stood in a field like I do.” .

The president of the Spanish Confederation pointed to clubs, especially ‘U’, complaining to Santa Laura as the main factor in their poor performance.

“You can’t blame the pitch because everyone was in the same condition. I don’t think it’s fair to blame the ground for losing the game. Category teams play so it has to be better, well. , they all deserve a good pitch. The championship will last a year, not a month, and the three teams that will soon be home will have enviable pitches.” he assured.

However, Juaroth’s reaction didn’t end there, he went further and shot his “tenant”.

“If they want to leave and don’t want to see Santa Laura as their stadium, that’s their problem. It means there aren’t many stadiums with enough capacity.” United have had stadiums all year long but last season they didn’t want stadiums in many places, so they had to play all over Chile. It was an ordeal.” emphasized.

Finally, he quipped at both the college cast and the launch situation. “Owning a house, even if you rent it, you tend to take care of it and talk about it a lot. The fact that we don’t have to worry about it, we have enough capacity and we have a fixed stadium beyond what we were paid for has to be appreciated.” .

Source: Biobiochile

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