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Colo Colo can’t replace Opazo yet: Taleres confirms Catalan won’t leave club



‘Kashik’ needs to keep looking for a right-back on the market.

The transfer market has not been kind Korokoro The big city cast has suffered significant casualties and has only found replacements in some positions, so there are still pending tasks on the black and white board as the national championships are already underway.

And in addition to the controversial need for a replacement for Juan Martín Lucero, “Cacique” has yet to find a replacement. oscar opaso and arrived at the Racing Club de Avellaneda.

Despite the fact that Argentina’s signature was nationalized by Chile Matthias Catalan It seemed to be going in the right direction and was virtually agreed by his own club, Talleres de Córdoba, but they rejected this option.

“Catalan continues here” ratifying the President of the “T”, Andres Fassi during a conversation with a sports portal in court.

Thus, Daniel Moron and his company, with the departure of Gabriel Suazo, “Torta”, emiliano love which would keep him off the pitch for over four months.

Source: Biobiochile

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