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Zlatan ‘curses’ champions Argentina, says they don’t deserve respect: ‘They won’t beat’



Zlatan Ibrahimovic threw a strong dart against the Argentine team for his “behavior” during the ‘Albiceleste’ world title celebration, in an interview with France Inter’s media outlet.

of Argentina National Team succeeded in establishing itself as planet champion After being defeated over a month ago intense and electrifying end France Initialize Qatar world cup 2022.

Then a true carnival lived in both country of the trans-andes in various regions of the world, third planet title that is “Albiceleste” in its history.

But part of the celebration, they hated by many football worlds for them controversial celebration And how to hug your face French player’s cup And this resulted in numerous welts sports fan.

this time in sweden Zlatan Ibrahimovic was the one who made persuasive speech In the middle French Intelagainst some trans-Andean footballers, cheating He basically liquidated them: “They aren’t going to beat anyone else.”

“Messi is considered the greatest Winning will be remembered qatar world cup but i’m worried Other players from the Argentinian team because they’re not going to win anything else,” he slipped, praising his ex-partner. Barcelona But attack the football player “Scalonator” .

“Messi won everything and will be remembered but the rest is cheat And you can’t respect that. I say as a high-level professional: For me it’s a sign they won once, but they won’t do it again “he added.

The Swede also expressed his opinion ‘wail’ Kylian Mbappe: “I feel sorry for Mbappe. It’s very sad that he didn’t win the final after scoring four goals. But they have already won the World Cup and will win again. ”

Source: Biobiochile

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