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A crushing defeat: La Roja Sub 23 beaten by Santiago Wanderers in charity friendly



In a friendly duel between La Roja Sub 23 and Santiago Wanderers, for the noble gesture of contributing and helping the victims of the raging fire in Vina del Mar, ‘Catulos’ delivered a strong blow to the team led by the coach. gave Chilean team Eduardo Bellizzo.

red sub-23 world Santiago Wanderers they met at the stadium Elias Figueroa searching fund-raising go help blaze victim lived a few weeks ago Viña del Mar consumed more than 400 houses.

Based on this, various national club They wanted to donate their grain of sand to a noble cause, but today was their turn. “Catulos” In front of national selection consisted of Under the age of 23.

However, the duel between the two was not so friendly and the “Dean” ,To him 5 to 0 Overwhelming cast led by coach Eduardo Bellisso.

who opened the account ‘green’ it was jJuan Ignacio Duma placed early at 12′ and 26′ 2 to 0 In front of the national team.

continue, Matthias Square At 26′ and 40′ he reduced the bill to Santiago Wanderers in the meantime Carlos Munoz With a sigh on the first stage, 5 to 0 The enclosure of the decisive wide beach.

Second time didn’t change things world red It scored a crushing defeat and sparked public and viewer outrage on social networks. Chilean national team coach Eduardo Bellizzo.

Source: Biobiochile

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