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‘Disappointing’: La Roja fans criticize, call for Eduardo Bellizzo’s departure from National Bank



Fans across the country are outraged against the Chilean team’s coach, Eduardo Berisso. He suffered a crushing defeat in a charity match against Santiago Wanderers at the Under-23s today.

national coach Eduardo Berisso not having a good time as a technician in red their number under the command of . chile national team got worse and fell today irrevocably humiliating Next to Sub-23, 5-0 to Santiago Wanderers.

Unfortunately the registry does not support him in his command “Everyone’s Team” as directed at all his parties Chile in any category, just add 9 wins, 6 losses, 2 draws.

Reality that sharpens the moment national selection afterwards 2 America’s Cup Accomplished by the Golden Generation but unable to integrate and is in the process of change Chilean representative.

So some fans already Resignation of Toto Bellizzo because it does not display team change and the fans suffer At each meeting led by an Argentinian.

in the darts I threw Former director of Paraguay it was found: “Berizzo’s Failure” , “With Bellizzo” and even call for resignation Patrick Omazabal and the arrival of Ricardo Galeca when ruling: “that they resign Bellizzo and Ormazabal Otherwise they will kill Chilean football.”Galeka, thinking of you, goodbye Bellizzo ”.

tough times national strategist he has his own way chile team, if you don’t want to win hatred from home fans and lose support Millions of people want La Roja to succeed.

Check out some comments on Eduardo Bellizzo

Source: Biobiochile

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