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‘Cup shame’: serious charges against Real Madrid and Barcelona in Spain



Marca de España newspaper reports that Real Madrid and Barcelona will arrive at the stadium with shirts, colors, scarves and symbols of the Copa del Rey duel between Atlético Madrid and Real Sociedad to enter the stadium Reserving rights and accusing them of denying entry…respectively.

“Cup Shame” That’s how he titled brand Cover from a few days before it became known Real Madrid and Barcelona Admission rights for fans entering the stadium T-shirts, colors, scarves, symbols Mention the rival cast of the two Spanish greats Copa del Rey.

Later it is: “They bring out our colors” a heading with many set spain soccer And today, he has the controversial ‘meringue’ and ‘cures’.

Front page of the newspaper Marca.
Captcha | Brand.

Then on authoritative media pages “Hispanic” they said it was”Confusing regulations contrary to the spirit and values ​​of the sport. Accepting and normalizing this is a failure for Spanish football. ”

All this Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid And of Barcelona Against real world a valid duel Cup quarter-finals.

After strong criticism real madrid It was the cast that spoke out and made the statements they were facing Complaint the media problem it addresses.

One written by the Historic Club commented: real madrid I have never banned anyone from entering the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium. Fans wearing rival team shirts. It has always been and always will be, as you will see in every match held in our stadium. ”

Entry with few rivals

Likewise, they talk about the 334 tickets they gave up for their classic rivals in the city. ‘mattress’ And the capacity of that enclosure obviously gives a lot Additional ticket for Rival Cast .

In this regard, the communiqué states: Real Madrid transfer to Atlético Madrid For this upcoming match our club would like to clarify the number of tickets. On loan to Atlético Madrid is the same as Real Madrid receive When he visited the Metropolitano stadium”.

“this is, Both parties agreed Within the framework of the extraordinary relationships we maintain. In addition to stating Santiago Bernabéu ticket sales and transfers Always Comply and Always Comply with Locally Enforced Regulations competition ‘, they declared.

definitely a problem let me talk Until both meetings are done, one of the following will be executed first. Barcelona vs Real Sociedad east Wednesday, January 25, 5:00 p.m. At Spotify Camp Nou.

For its part, a duel between the two cast of capital of spain will be Thursday Santiago Bernabéu at 5:00 pm on the 26th.

Source: Biobiochile

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