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Dani Alves asks for parole during investigation: ‘I accept whatever comes’



Dani Alves once again appears on Info From Prison after requesting parole while the investigation against him into the December 30, 2022 rape of a woman continues.

Former player defense barcelona dani alves appealed against decision of the investigating judge who sends it preventive prison was accused of raping a young woman in the private bathroom of a nightclub Sutton in Barcelona on the night of December 30th.

According to legal sources, in his writings, 20 pages And it appeared in court this Monday Telematic way attorney Cristóbal Martell using the argument Eliminate flight hazards Relying on the Examining Magistrate to Send soccer player jailed January 20.

The appeal is Barcelona audience Cancel the decision of the President of the 15th Investigative Court of Barcelona and leave the country. Provisional release for survey subjects and take other less burdensome precautions as necessary while the cause is investigated.

Alvez’s defense represented by an attorney at his first appearance in court Miraida Wilson Bridge was taken over by Martell Avogados LLP, one of Barcelona’s most prestigious and popular law firms. Leo Messi Represented the Puyol family in his tax evasion case. national audience.

Cristobal Martell himself visited last Friday with his lawyer Arnau Shmetra Daniel Alves Footballers shared at Bryan’s 2 Prison in Sant Esteve Sesrobiles (Barcelona) A solitary confinement with another inmate in a unit designed primarily to hold those involved in crimes against sexual liberty.

Alves is happy telematics bracelet Guarantee control of his movements if justice agrees to leave him behind provisional release According to Antena 3, the lawsuit is under investigation.

Statement by Dani Alves

Similarly, according to newspaper sources, Pioneer the Brazilian player said from prison, “I accept whatever comes. I left home when I was 15. I have overcome very difficult and complicated situations in my life. This will pass one more. Nothing frightens me,” he remains firm about the alleged incident.

Remember the investigative judge. AGREEING, January 20, to return the football player to pre-trial detention, recognizing the risks of flight and avoidance of legal action, Considering his financial capacity, his residence abroad and that he has dual nationality Brazilian, Spanish.

In this sense, the Justice of the Peace reasoned in the order currently appealed: Brazil no agreement extradition with Spain which gives Athletes try to escape justice in Spain and evacuate to their country of origin.

Instructor ordered admission to prison Alves took statements on January 20 from both the football player and the young woman and was investigated on charges of sexual assault with penetration. Reported him for rape.

To send him to prison, the judge took several things into consideration. symptoms What To Blame Football Players – Consequences In Them biological analysis Besides practicing and watching nightclub surveillance cameras, Contradiction he suffered in his previous statement A persistent and powerful version of Victim.

Source: Biobiochile

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