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‘Amazing escape’: Alexis Sanchez charms Olympique de Marseille with brilliant play



Olympique de Marseille scored an outstanding performance from Alexis Sanchez in their Ligue 1 duel against AS Monaco, ending 1-1 with Chile’s goal.

Olympique Marseille Hallucinating with Alexis Sanchez , his greatest form. This time he occupied the network, brilliant play Chile’s team played last weekend against AS Monaco.

Before the team Guillermo Maripan played for, he was an agent, so ‘Wonder’ was what he was more dangerous on the premises and “Save” the draw (1-1) at the velodrome.

Tocopigiano Decree parity , will be final at 47 minutes. He took advantage of the goalkeeper his Alexander his Nubel rebound and right hand He sent the ball into the net.

Goals aren’t the only things emphasized by “Focus”.Marseille is now the national The mark of two players comes out splendidly of the principality cast.

Alexis’ amazing getaway between two Monegasques ‘, wrote ‘OM’, referring to one of the plays Other features Throughout his career, he was a two-time American Champion at La Roja.

That’s not all. The ’70’ in ‘Olympic’ doesn’t stop adding praise in French football after his good game. L’Equipe, France’s most prestigious sports his outlet, various roasts In his summary of the duel between Marseille and Monaco.

“At 34, Run like a teenager until the last second He never hides from a duel,” he said.

Source: Biobiochile

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