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Flamengo don’t overtake Vidal: in Brazil reveal which club wanted to punish him severely and they regretted it



In Brazil, Flamengo revealed he was fed up with the attitude from the Chilean midfielder and wanted to alienate Arturo Vidal from the squad that moved to the Club World Cup.

of flamenco they are not happy with chileans Arturo Vidal And especially with some of the attitudes the “King” has shown in recent weeks.

‘Mengao’ was found to have been fined financially as a warning this Monday due to his anger at not playing Boavista after flirting with ColoColo in a message on social networks from the former Inter Milan striker. Did.

However, the Rio team’s leadership has made it clear that this type of punishment is not relevant to the La Roja team, and has considered going further and applying much harsher sanctions to “King Arthur”.

he reveals glove sports“Flamengo recognizes that the fine will have little impact on the life of Vidal, who has enjoyed success in European football and is financially independent. emphasized.

“Among the punishments They even considered excluding Arturo Vidal from the delegation that traveled to Morocco for the Club World Cup but the board saw the player’s remorse and approved an official apology for the Chileans,” they added.

Along the same lines, from the aforementioned medium, they confirmed that “The attitude on the bench was what bothered the board the most.” In a conversation with Vidal, the football department manager announced that he would deduct a portion of the player’s salary (the amount was kept secret) and assured him that he would not tolerate a new similar attitude. bottom.

It’s worth remembering that Flamengo will make their 2023 Club World Cup debut on Tuesday 7 February, facing Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal in the semi-finals of the tournament.

Source: Biobiochile

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