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Premier League club calls for Manchester City relegation: ‘It’s been a decade of abuse’



The British team has not excused the Manchester cast’s financial improprieties and is demanding a ‘quick verdict’.

A bomb exploded in the Premier League this Monday. city ​​of manchester Due to financial fraud on the account. The controversy has spilled over across English football, with other clubs expecting decisions and punishments for the team led by Pep Guardiola.

major British newspaper Sun different teams in the league ‘They demand blood and a speedy verdict’, in addition to ‘pre-season punishment’ .

In the same vein, the tabloid spoke with one of 19 club owners and stressed that the full rigor of the law applies if the 115 offenses linked to ‘City’ are true. .get off

“If these accusations are substantiated, proper punishment is required and the only proper way is to dismiss them. I want you to do something deepened the boss.

Meanwhile, Manchester City he was surprised” Regarding allegations of financial fraud brought by the Premier League I hope the investigation will put an end to the matter “on and off” .

The England national team has issued a statement after being accused of breaching the league’s financial rules 100 times since 2009.

“Manchester City are shocked by this allegation of violations of the Premier League rules, and in particular by the enormous amount of material we have provided to the Premier League.” they said in a statement.

“The club welcomes an inquiry by an independent commission to impartially consider the irrefutable evidence that exists. they closed.

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