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Pirate attack on Macul: Colo Colo got up late and fell on Coquimbo Unido in Monumental.



Since 1978, “pirates” have not beaten whites as visitors. The result also marked Coquimbo Unido’s historic first win against ColoColo in Chilean football’s elite division.

Korokoro received an ungrateful visit this Sunday United Coquimbo finished cast Defeat Arvo 3-2 at Monumental Stadium.

In the match held in the commune of Macul, the “pirates” Shy Ensemble by Gustavo Quinteros And they counted the blow as an outsider.

With a score of 3-2, the showdown ended in Coquimbo’s favor. Benjamin Chandia, Javier Paraguez, Rodrigo Holgado For teams in the fourth region.

For his part, Colo Colo scored a penalty kick. Leandro Venegas a white striker who had an unpleasant day scoring other goals 2 goals later voided Referee Christian Garay.

On the other hand, for alvo, the header from Dario Lescano I shortened the game distance, but it didn’t help.

Santiago’s tense atmosphere was felt by white fans’ complaints about the team’s performance. Main character Javier Paraguez .

Thus, Coquimbo Unido was more accurate than Arvo and showed a greater attitude, ultimately securing the win and three points. ‘Squeezing’ his fans in training .

After the victory, the aurinegro cast added 7 units. This is the same one that Colo Colo already has on record.

So, “Pirates” and “Arbos” ranked 9th and 10th respectively, of the current 2023 First Division National Championships.

Source: Biobiochile

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