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Heartbreaking image: Daniel Gutierrez bursts into tears after being replaced in ColoColo’s loss



CoroColo’s young defender Daniel Gutierrez was in tears after being substituted in a 3-2 loss to Coquimbo Unido at Monumental.

An image that touches the heart. Daniel Gutierrez Corocoro’s Young Defender, cry Sunday night he was replaced by Jason Rojas in a duel with Coquimbo Unido.

‘Kasiq’ bowed 2-3 against ‘Pirates’ at Monumental Stadium on Day 6 of the 2023 National Championship. Since 1978, Nautinos has not beaten Arvos as a visitor. .

Party under the cast led by Gustavo Quinteros, especially Gutierrez who arrived Responsible for occupying the position of suspended Uruguayan central defender Maximiliano Falcon .

white youth corps Lost a duel with Javier Paraguez Substituted in the 79th minute. Gutierrez walked into the bank with his head down, but DT told him: “Go go!” .

20-year-old player when he sat on the bench I started crying uncontrollably and covered his face with his shirt.

At the post-match press conference, Gustavo Quinteros said: he came out to boost him For young defenders. “i was so good perhaps because of what happened in the play of goal and another thing that could have gone wrong, he could have felt affected,” he said.

“but have to keep working Just in case you get better and have to play again, don’t make the same mistake. I am a very hardworking boy “, he added.

Tears of Daniel Gutierrez

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