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Quinteros berates Coquimbo for defeating Coquimbo: ‘He took advantage of his mistake, nothing more’



‘Cacique’ DT expressed his frustration after his team’s loss against Coquimbo Unido.

spirit inside Korokoro feel unwell after suffering a very clear defeat at the hands of United Coquimbo , moreover, as a local. In this sense Gustavo Quinteros A press conference deepened Arvo’s poor presentation at Monumental.

Precisely, DT Alvo broke down and downplayed the importance of Coquimbo’s victory, saying “Competitors took advantage of the mistake and did nothing more to identify it It created a lot of situations, especially in the air, as it was a game with more goals. We couldn’t do them, but they did. ”

They took advantage of the fact that we were very foolishly wrong and scored a goal. Again, there were a lot of errors that could happen again with these ups and downs that we have,” he added in this regard.

Quinteros, on the other hand, analyzed his students’ performances against the “pirate” cast.

“When you don’t have continuity with the same player yet, you have to change all the time. you have to invent a position Missing a player or two you make so childish mistakes We made a very stupid mistake,” he said.

Finally, when asked about ways to improve Colo Colo’s performance at the U.S. Championships, Gustavo Quinteros pointed out:To start building a team that doesn’t undergo too many changes, you need to have all players available. It depends on different situations. ”

“Since one of the reinforcements can’t debut yet, We are in a situation where we have to be patient and work hard ]Finished the DT of the current 1st division champion.

When it comes to work, the ‘Kashik’ must be prepared to improve his image in front of the Magallanes. Of course, a duel can be interrupted by an ANFP. ‘Manojito’ team may ask to reschedule duel if it goes with your key Libertadores Cup In front of Always Lady.

Source: Biobiochile

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