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‘Nothing wins’: Lionel Messi receives ex-PSG wrath after another Champions League failure



Lionel Messi has been the center of criticism over PSG’s new failure in the Champions League. Former PSG stoned Rosario, asked to leave club: ‘We don’t want him’

Argentinian Lionel Messi became center of criticism After Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) suffered a painful elimination in the Round of 16, Champions League 2022-23.

French box 3:0 aggregate They played Bayern Munich in the round of 16. They lost 1-0 in the first leg at the Parc des Princes and on Wednesday he lost 2-0 on German soil, especially the Allianz Arena.

A new setback in the great intentions of the French club’s owners, who, despite spending a lot of money, have continued without raising “Orejona”.

And one of the most targeted by this failure was fleas who recently became world champions of the Argentinian team in Qatar 2022 and has just been awarded as the best player on the planet by winning the award the best .

Jerome Roten Former PSG player and current RMC Sport member, Rosario threw a stone.no messi He doesn’t want to invest in this club! I saw his statement he said ‘I’m fine, I’m adjusting’ but what are you adjusting? Is it because he scored 18 goals or 16 assists against Clermont?

But in games that matter, it completely disappears! I’ve seen their matches at the World Cup, so I’m just kidding,” added the former midfielder who defended the capital team from 2004 to 2009.

And it didn’t stop there. Rothen also said, “Only PSG could give him this salary and, of course, PSG fell on both feet. they thought messi would let us win But it’s not. it wins us nothing ”.

To end harsh criticism of former player Messi requested an exit From Argentina in June. “If we find out tomorrow that his contract has been extended, I don’t go to the Parc des Princes anymore “These are real problems for PSG because the salaries of these players are huge and they block signings,” he concluded.

‘Invisible’: Messi didn’t escape French press criticism either

sports newspaper L’Equipe he left a note 3 Pointed out to Rio: He repeatedly tries to throw Mbappe deep. He had great opportunities. It’s very little and very disappointing in this important game.”

“Messi passed the match without a flame, but a gagged Mbappe could not force his luck … Paris expected flames from Mbappe or Messi to turn the table, but The two geniuses stayed in the box “, he added.

Le Parisien covered the cover with “Paris has no level yet”. In Chronicle, he explained:This team scares no one There was little opportunity for Kylian Mbappe to exploit them.and when Leo Messi He was able to enter the box (25 minutes) and was unable to fake against Jan Sommer.

“This team strong European team can suffocate a public figure without mercy,” he added.

Finally, France 24 dedicated another paragraph to the Argentines with the subtitle “”.Messi can’t see ”. “To the 35-year-old Argentinian who won the Ballon d’Or seven times. A game that is clearly missing like Bayern’s loss to German defensive midfielder Leon Goretzka, wiped out Paris’ counters.

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