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MLS unite: they ensure Inter Miami will help finalize Messi’s arrival in North America



Inter Miami, led by David Beckham, are ready to help financially to finalize Lionel Messi’s US arrival, according to one of MLS executives Don Garber.

a fiasco that meant the elimination of Champions League PSG Face the Powerhouse in the Round of 16 Bayern Munich provoked strong criticism against the referents of the Paris group, such as Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi both aiming for a 2-0 defeat Allianz Arena.

This, in addition to many rumors, argentinian star I have no plans to modify richest team in the world In that you can count on Rosario’s presence on campus.

The picture that has haunted him for some time David Beckham’s Inter Miami tried to keep the service of world champions, but did not get a good response from them Break “Albiceleste”.

however, MLS in a position to help cast the “Herons” seal the arrival of Lionel Messi on North American soil best player ever of world football.

MLS unite for Messi

This information was published by Don Garber ,commissioner MLS who did you talk to athletic “You’re facing probably the most special player in the history of gaming. So when there are rumors that he’s involved in Miami, it’s great.”

“And if it could happen, would be great for MLS It’s been great for Messi and his family, as well as for us. We try to take advantage of every opportunity.” is shown.

One of the items they are happy to address and help solve Arrival of the Argentinians All they have to offer to motivate is the salary. Former Barcelona to choose your project.

In this regard, Garber states: Flexibility Do something unique. MLS is a single entity If you sell something owned by an organization, The community must approve it. ”

“So whatever the co-owners Inter Miami confirmed with the help of the Executive Vice President MLS If there is an opportunity to build something, it will be ready for use. A settlement should be built that compensates him in the way that he and his family expect. “, finished.

This revealed a great suggestion Lionel Messi who is involved PSG After various reports assuming that its future is still uncertain until June 2023, Barcelona also looking for Messi To repatriate him and take him to the club where it all started.

Source: Biobiochile

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