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Implications for Brazil: Pele’s suicide note revealed to include unrecognized daughter in ‘O Ray’



At the will of legendary and mythical former player Pele, he has included a new daughter who is mysteriously unrecognized by “Oh Ray”. She needs to have her DNA tested to confirm her relationship with La Canariña’s ex Crack.

the death of Pele became known all over the world after the great “Orking” he lost his life December 29, 2022 At the hospital Albert Einstein from São Paulo Months after fighting cancer.

After that, it came endlessly compliment To date, it has been recorded in various parts of the world, World football icons and legends. But months after his death, hours before intention left by historic players of canary Controversial in Brazil.

It turned out that Former player’s widow’s lawyer so that the woman is mentioned as a possibly unrecognized daughter Pele And it could be part of who receives the distribution of property of a deceased Brazilian.

For each point, widows and Marcia Cibele Aoki, the last wife of ‘O Ray’ should receive 30% of assets among them is a house that used to live in Guaruja, a seaside resort in São Paulo.

according to sports world Marcia Cibele will receive: “Residences, other real estate and brand equity Pele ,explanation kignell, who stock complete and as a result, heritage ”.

eighth daughter

Another section that appears in intention the possibility is Pele have a new unrecognized daughter, health check This equates to accessing the remaining 70% of the inheritance, along with the seven children the Brazilian star recognized during his lifetime.

Lawyers who read intention It indicates the possible existence of another daughter whose recognition depends on the proof of DNA Due to the pandemic and his health, it was not possible (for Pele).

“teeth Brazilian She wants to be recognized as her own daughter, and we don’t know much about her, except that she has. I filed a lawsuit in Brazil for a paternity test.” handed down the verdict to lawyers.

Now, the woman who disturbed the earth Brazilian must undergo a DNA test with one of Pele’s illegitimate son knowing the truth of what is written in the will, if it is true, Eighth-generation descendant of a legendary former player.

Source: Biobiochile

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