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The Curse of the Blues in Pellegrino and Monumental: “U is U despite the consequences”



Mauricio Pellegrino will work with his team to break the curse that the University of Chile is dragging to the CoroColo Stadium.

There are only three days left until the new edition of Chilean football’s Superclasico. Corocoro and the University of Chile, A cast with a heavy backpack on their shoulders after failing to win three points from Pedrero in more than two games. 22 years old so now they go for everything before him “Kashik”.

trust the experienced DT Mauricio Pellegrino the blue fan puts all his faith in the work he does romantic traveler former coach of Southampton .

but, Pellegrino I understand ‘curse’ What college students have in the field 20 years Without getting pleasure in front of his eternal rival and on his court.

Now, at a press conference, the former trainer Deportivo Alaves spoke to the media and confided in the difficult challenges ahead.

In his words and defiant tone, the blue strategist launched a series of responses detailing:Who will take responsibility? Who will have to go to jail? what happened? U is U regardless of the outcome. He has great strength and we are a great club. Despite the results, it’s a great phone. A team is not only about results.they are important, yes .

“There’s something in the identification of what we are. I can take responsibility for this game and these players. It’s important to comment on that, but I don’t think it has anything to do with our particular performance on Sunday,” he said.

Pellegrino interrupts a journalist in the middle of a press conference

Another important area he touched on was the college campus mentality before facing its biggest rival, and when a journalist asked him about it, Pellegrino He interrupted the consultation to attack and emphasized: “sorry to bother you. Same as the previous game .

“At the end it’s kind of like that, we face a great rival. There is a lot of opposition due to many factors, but in the end you have to prepare the match in the best possible way “he added.

He also said, “Lastly, we talked about context, People think less about changes in their environment and what they really need to do I have prepared the match in the best possible way so that the players have the tools to fight well. That’s where I’m putting my energy this week. ”

On the other hand, he also commented on how difficult the duel between the two teams would be at Monumental Stadium. dedication promise strength, battle in the field and above all constant search conquer your rivals

With this in mind, the Trans Andes DT has declared: “We need tools to compete in the best possible way in different scenarios. From a football point of view, it’s a difficult match. You will face very difficult opponents. it’s for them too You have to put your energy into it. ”

“Sometimes big games with lots of frameworks are the most difficult The simplest one is to focus on the game. We’ve talked a lot, but no one’s heard exactly about the game itself. There are outside stories, past stories, stories about what will happen in the future, and most of the game. As a coach, I try to focus 100% on the game. Pellegrino concluded.

A look back at Mauricio Pellegrino’s press conference

Source: Biobiochile

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