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Furious allegations to ANFP over Ryan Torero’s ‘abandonment’ of women’s football: ‘Waiting for the start’



ColoColo and La Roja goalkeeper Ryan Torello has joined a string of allegations against the ANFP’s ‘abandonment’ of national women’s football in the last few hours

ColoColo and La Roja goalkeeper Ryan Torero has joined a series of calls for ANFP’s “abandonment” of national women’s football in recent hours.

Players’ claims grew last week when they pointed out that even three months after the last tournament ended, they were still uncertain about where the next tournament would be based and when the new season would begin. rice field.

Even the Kirin-based organization’s original proposal was to host a six-month professional championship. The reason is related to international competitions that will take place at the end of 2023, such as the Copa Libertadores and the Pan American Games in Santiago.

In light of this, Torello took to the network to criticize the position of the commission chaired by Pablo Milado. “I’m waiting for the Women’s Championship to start and @ANFPchile to start treating foot femmes as equals,” he wrote.

Attached to this is a gif containing the phrase “It’s been 84 years…” of a character inspired by Beatrice Wood from Titanic.

Source: Biobiochile

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