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Giraffe’s White Smoke: ANFP approves home of 2023 Women’s Championship, tournament will last eight months



The tournament will run in a two-wheel format until September, after which there will be a Top 4 playoff, ending with a single final next November.

giraffe white smoke After many questions. The ANFP President’s Council approved the base for her 2023 Women’s Championship this Thursday. 8 months period .

Last week, three months after the last tournament ended, we still have no clarity on the basis for the next tournament. when will it start new season.

A new campaign will start next time Saturday, March 25th The first part of the contest is first wheel against all and the second Divided into two groups of 7 teams .

The first seven clubs (Group A) will go head-to-head to determine the four clubs that advance to the semi-finals of the tournament. while the last seven (group B) define three descents.This normal phase ends last weekend of september .

According to the Kirin-based organization, the final stage will be November after the Women’s Libertadores Cup and the ‘Santiago 2023’ Pan American Games.

In the decisive round the first four collide. 2 teams competing in the single final .

“This will allow Chile to Broader Women’s Convention The development of women’s football in the region … especially in the last five years To promote and invest in ANFP and by paying the arbitration and medical insurance costs and fees of all eligible players, plus all costs of transportation, lodging, and meals for all facilities, the Federal Organization “, governing bodies across the country. football that showed.

Source: Biobiochile

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